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Haiyi Education Group Established in 1996,Haiyi Immigration & Education Group is one of the pioneers of the international education field in China. Since 1996, we have been providing education planning, relocation and investment consulting services to students and international families in China and abroad. Led by Managing Director Lucy Shih, a published author, regular commentator on international issues and University of British Columbia graduate, Haiyi is a boutique consultancy that strives for high quality, personalized services for each client. We look for like-minded partners to develop new projects and programs together.

Head Office: E-F, 11/F, Xujiahui International Building, No. 1033, Zhaojiabang Rd., Xuhui District, Shanghai, P. R. China 200030

Branch Representatives : Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Canada

Managing Director: Lucy Shih/ lucy@haiyi.com

WeChat: hy64480000

Facebook: www.facebook.com/haiyichina


Chinese families and students come to us:

■ To develop their international study plan and help reach their academic goals. Haiyi applies regular training and school visits to identify the schools and programs that best suit the individual student.

■ To identify short-term study programs or local training to prepare for studying abroad successfully. Haiyi helps the students decide on short-term programs that maximize their learning goals and creates tailored program for groups of all ages.

■ To receive assistance with translation, visa applications, travel arrangements, pre-departure information and advice, and follow-up communications between the school and family during the critical first year of study.

International educational institutions rely on us:

■ To provide opportunities to meet families and identify potential students in China. Haiyi keeps close contact with partner schools, which ensures we understand the processes and school cultures, and in turn we can better communicate with families.

■ To assist in organizing education-related events or to establish a representative office in China. Haiyi provides partners with market insight and is experienced with organzing a wide range of special projects from US-China high school exchange to annual fairs.



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